The Perfect Family Toy Dog

Around the world the dog is probably the most popular pet for a family to have, who is far more interactive than other species, loving, entertaining and a regular member of the family. Not everyone wants, or has the space to accommodate large breeds like the German shepherd, Great Dane or Saint Bernard, which is why the so called toy dog is so incredibly popular. The term toy dog covers many different breeds, from the Chihuahua and poodle, through a range of spaniels and terriers, and generally refers to breeds of dog of a relatively small size. One of the larger varieties, who make a wonderful pet is the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, renowned for being friendly, playful, athletic and incredibly brave for its size. A relatively new breed, who was almost wiped out during the Second World War, their numbers have increased dramatically and are now very popular, as an in-house family dog.

Key Features

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel absolutely dotes on attention, and needs lots of company all the time to be happy, so leaving him on his own for long periods is not advisable. Weighing in at around 6-8kg for both sexes and standing just above 30cm, they are cute and cuddly. They have wonderful floppy ears, a beautiful coat of silky fur, which requires regular grooming and a flowing tail, with some wonderful colouring, including black, tan and red and white. They have a life expectancy of around 10-14 years and while they enjoy some outdoor exercise are generally happier indoors. They were bred as a companion or lap dog, and their short nose makes them unhappy with extremes of temperature, which explains their preference for company inside, rather than roaming the garden, which would be preferred by some other breeds.

Care and Attention

This breed does have, as most breeds to some extent, some medical issues common with its genetics, all of which will be known to your vet, such as luxating patella and some eye issues, so it is advisable to purchase specific Cavalier King Charles spaniel pet insurance, which will automatically cover such likely conditions that other generic policies might miss out. For a small dog, he is pretty nippy on his feet, with a surprising turn of speed and agility, a throwback to his sporting ancestors, who loves to chase birds, catch frisbees, and who will keep you and the kids regularly entertained and running around a lot trying to keep up with him.

As a Pet

While with some dogs, you need a good sized garden, he is perfect for a smaller sized property and is absolutely fantastic with children. For him to be perfectly happy, he is going to need someone in the house most of the time, or to go with a family member to work, as he lives and breathes the need for attention, and is likely to become quite despondent if left to his own devices.

If you have a young family, or you are a first time dog owner, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel will be a great addition to the family, and absolutely everyone is going to love him as much as he loves them back.